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Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens

What is a Fairy Garden?


A Fairy Garden is a miniaturised garden scene in a pot or container that utilises small plants and accessories to produce a magical landscape depicting fairy life.


They are inexpensive and an easy way to inspire children and adults alike to use their imaginations and get involved in the garden.


Inviting the fairies into your life couldn’t be easier.


Start small with some beautiful fairy wind chimes to beckon them into the garden. Add a birdbath or feeder to encourage their woodland friends to come and play and you’re ready to create your dazzling Fairy Garden for them to frolic in and enjoy


Creating your Fairy Garden


A detailed guide of how to create your own fairy garden can be view below


fairy gardens at azure garden centre


Fairies and folklore


Fairies have been an intrinsic part of European folklore and literature for countless generations. They’re characterised by their cheerful demeanour and mischievous, sometimes wicked playfulness.


Enterprising and esprit they like nothing more than cavorting with friends, tending their gardens and enjoying the world around them.


fairy gardens at azure garden centre