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Create a fairy garden

Create a fairy garden

Creating a fairy garden


  • The first thing you will need to do is pick your container.


Whether it is a ceramic pot, terracotta pot, wicker basket or wooden box the most important feature should be as large an open area as possible so that you can maximise the impact of your design. Broken or damaged containers can even be used as they often add height to the design and increase the surface area available.


Create a fairy garden - pick a pot

  • Once you’ve selected your container you will need to prepare it.


Line your container with a pre-bought liner or with a cut to size plastic membrane of some sort (plastic bags are fine). If your Fairy Garden is to be kept outside it is essential that you incorporate adequate drainage. To do this, simply make sure there are a few holes in the bottom of the container and apply a layer of gravel so that the holes don’t become blocked.


Create a fairy garden - prepare your pot


  • Now that you have lined your container it’s time to fill it with a growing medium.


You should choose good quality compost that is nutrient rich and free draining. Avoid using topsoil as this will be heavy and hinder drainage. Fill the container to 0.5-1cm from the top ensuring that the liner is concealed. Be sure to compact the compost sufficiently so that the finished garden doesn’t subside. Deep containers can be partially filled with gravel to stabilise and assist with drainage.


Create a fairy garden - pick your pot


  • Selecting the plants for your Fairy Garden is largely a matter of personal taste.


You should however choose plants that fit the scale of your garden. Small, low growing, compact plants are best with at least one taller plant to provide height. Aesthetically, odd numbers are best for the bulk of your planting so try and buy in threes.


Some plants like Ferns can be planted whilst still in their pots to restrict growth. Others like Rosemary can be regularly trimmed to maintain the correct scale. Ivy’s are an excellent choice as their overhanging nature will soften the edges of the container and they can be trained to grow around other features.


Bedding plants with small flowers like lobelia and alyssum are also quite effective though they will tend to spread and only last a season. Incorporating some alpines, certain herbs and succulents such as Sedums and Sempervivums will enhance the garden as well.


Create a fairy garden - pick the plants


  • It’s now time to arrange your Fairy Garden.


Place the plants around the container where you would like them. You should bear in mind where you will be placing any furniture or accessories and build your planting scheme around them.


Create a fairy garden - arrange your plants


  • Once you have your layout finalised start planting.


Starting with your largest plant use a small digging implement to excavate a planting hole slightly larger than the plant pot. Place the plant in the hole and backfill with the excavated material. Firm and smooth the compost around the base of the plant and move on to the next plant until all are planted.


Any undesired exposed areas of compost can be covered using moss from your garden which is very effective at simulating lawn or groundcover foliage. Hard landscaped areas can be created using fine pea gravel or slate chippings.


Create a fairy garden - start planting


  • Finish off with furniture and accessories.


Now it’s simply a case of placing your furniture and accessories in the desired locations and enjoying your magical Fairy Garden.


Create a fairy garden - furniture and accessories